This is the Story of a Noble House…

A confederation of retainers and vassals under the rule of a Great Lord. These chronicles resound with the exalted deeds of mighty heroes and legendary champions. Within these pages the rise or fall of a great brotherhood shall be laid before you. Heroic acts, fell misdeeds, trial and triumph in a storied journey for the Scrolls of History.

In this epic tale, the Knights and Agents of Duke Kaston Ravenlocke will pit their strength, their wit, their courage and their steely determination against the wiles, subterfuge, terror and dark power of the diabolic House Vorstagg of Cheliax.

This tale will follow the exploits of the rising stars of House Ravenlocke. The new generation of fearless adventurers dedicated to honor and justice and the greater glory of their mighty House and the noble Ravenlocke family.