House Ravenlocke

Into the Dark Forest

Led into the shadows by a villainous prisoner

Game Time: Wealday, 9th of Rova, 4708 A.R.

Mopping up the Bandit Raiders with aplomb our heroes turn back the horde in the burning fields and even manage to capture one of their number alive for questioning. Fortunately, the Duke’s own Inquisitor has this line of work well in hand.

What Luck! The man they have captured is a Ranger and among the only members of the Bandit Gang that could possibly lead them back to the Raiders encampment. After a good night’s rest and the laying the rest (and by that I mean complete and thorough burning) of the slaughtered victims of the Bandits, they see to the welfare of a widow and her daughter, pledging to secure them a place in the Dukes household as servants. Next they purchase the now-ownerless home of another of the Bandit’s victims as a ‘base of operations’, and with the purchase of a few more arrows from the Village’s hunters, they are off in to the Black Forest of Ustalav. With the serious warning of the Inquisitor about the sort of fate they can expect while wandering in these shadowed and haunted woods ringing in their ears.

The wily Ranger tries to lead them to the lair of a pack of Worgs whose alpha male he has befriended some years ago and one of whose pups he now raises as a one-day animal companion back at their camp. But the party is too fast for him and stymies his plan.

Game Time: Fireday, 11th of Rova, 4708 A.R.

After a night’s camping in the forest, they start off on their second day and soon find themselves in an uncannily quiet place. The very trees come to life and the towering colossi attack them, shattering their steel weapons with almost supernatural blows. These ancient defenders of the wood will brook no trespass of man’s hated steel in their holy grove. Only when they bring to heel the grottoes millennial Tree-Ent guardian and make gestures to amend for their trespass are they treated to some of the ancient arboreal shepherd’s gathered treasures from a hundred fallen travelers. Securing a Javelin of lightning that once belonged to a Centaur hero in a bygone age.

They leave that shadowed ruin of a forgotten age and make their way, minus their only guide through the wood who died in the fracas with the tree-guardians, deeper into the forest. With no way of knowing where they now must go…


RevDrWillman RevDrWillman

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