House Ravenlocke

The Cliffs of Insanity!!!

A deadly struggle on the edge of the precipice

A the edge of the stormy sea our heros arrive just in time to save Yargos Gill and his three friends from the Tavern from certain death in the rough seas at the foot of the cliff outside of Absalom.

Returning to the city, they spot the signal to the first stage of the Silent Tide Operations. Six flashes from a red lamp from the steeple of an ancient temple. Mastiah takes the form of an eagle and flies to warn the Duke. Lem and Tiberius use magic to fly to the temple and apprehend the signaller. Fod, Gavrus and Wu ride like the wind to the Granary to stop the poisoning of the city’s grain reserves.

Lem and Tiberius arrive only to find that the signaller is long gone and the Temple has lost one guard.

Fod, Gavrus and Wu arrive to find the dead and wierdly murdered corpses of the granary guards and the door to the granary open. A heavy fog lays about the Granary and it’s environs. Within the building they are attacked by the hideous undead Operatives of the Siltent Tide. A Salt Mummy, a Drowned, a Boneclaw and an Entropic Reaper. Fod and Gavrus are brought low before Lem and Tiberius arrive to turn the tide. The battle is joined on all sides and despite the healing potions administered, Fod is once again slain and on the heals of that tragedy, Tiberius is found and destroyed by the Agent Xaphos the Drowned Assassin and the Agent Kevros the Forsaken, the accursed Salt Mummy. Gavrus and Wu wisely flee to find re-inforcements and Lem el’ Set flies to safety and spies upon the acts of the undead agents.

Mastiah Tane arrays the Watch footmen of the Duke and prepares to go forth to the granary when Wu and Gavrus arrive and explain the horror of the situation there. Lem retrieves the bodies of Fod Dur and Tiberius Zaxtonia and burns them to prevent them from becoming undead. Returning to the Dukes Manor after retrieving all of Fod and Tiberius’ gear.

Losses are mourned and the Dukes Men prepare for the next stage:



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