Cheung Lei Wu

Cheung Lei Wu of Tian Hong, Initiate of the Order of the Fist, Lo Quai Monk


At 28 years old, Cheung Lei Wu stands 5’-10” and has a lean muscular frame. His head is shaved. His eyes and skin are brown. He has a full straight moustache that grows downward past the lips, and on either side of the chin extends down toward the toes. The ends of the moustache hang slightly past the jaw and are tapered.

Cheung Lei adorns simple attire consisting of hand woven monks robes traditionally worn by the disciples of the “Order of the Fist”. The robes consist of black full cut pants trimmed in red, thick white over socks that are wrapped with black binding which criss cross over the sock, a black heavy cloth thin wide belt, and a black hand stitched robe woven in a traditional “Lo Quai” stitch pattern that was developed over a 1000 years using techniques only known by the “Lo Quai”. The robes are also trimmed in red, which signifying his order amongs the “Lo Quai”. Tied around each wrist are black straps. Around the top of his is head is a thick, flat, wide black cloth that covers half his forehead. The cloth is pulled tight and tied behind his head. On the front of the headband is a green dragon, representing that he is “Lo Quai”. On his feet are tradition “Lo Quai” sandals made from light weight straw, which provide a cool, soft feel. The sandals are held in place by rope like straps.

Cheung Lei carries fine quality masterwork Nunchakus made from bamboo and connected by a chain that are often tucked into the front of his monk’s belt. Strapped on his back is a light wooden masterwork crossbow with various characters carved on the sides. Though he carries weapons, he prefers fighting unarmed in the classic Kung Fu style of the “Lo Quai”. The “Lo Quai” philosophies and teachings are based on their god Irori and inspired by nature. Physical exercises and fighting techniques are based on animal mimicry. 5 basic forms are taught: “shequan” or fanged snake style, “fei he quan” or flying white crane fist, “Yue Fei” or the eagle claw method, “hei he quan” or black tiger fist, and most importantly “long xing mo qiao” of dragon style, which harnesses the ability to focus one’s internal strength to accomplish amazing acts of strength and endurance.


Cheung Lei Wu, or Lei Wu for short, hails from Tian Xia. As a child, Lei Wu crossed the Crown of the World with his father Fe Lei Wu and sister Jie Lei Wu, so that his father could pursue his lifelong dream of owning his own tavern. Located in the Coins district of Absalom, The Flying Monkey tavern is a very popular establishment among local traders and seamen. The Flying Monkey is most known for two things, it’s famous wines, often called “Wu’s Brews” by the locals, and for a group of local ex-monks who frequent the establishment and are known to participate in an unorthodox Kung Fu fighting style commonly called “Drunken Boxing”. “Wu’s Brew” seems to be their drink of choice.

As a child Lei was sent back to Tian Hong to learn the 5 fighting styles of the “Order of the Fist” of the “Lo Quai” monks. There he trained for 20 years learning their Kung Fu techniques. He has now returned to Avistan to help his father who has found trouble with a local gang that has been extorting money from many local establishment in the Coin. Cheung Lei does not approve of his fathers choice of business, but like any good son he supports his fathers ventures and seeks to protect his family.

Currently Lei Wu is in the service of House Ravenlocke where his duties include teaching martial fighting techniques to senior members of the house. The teaching are limited to only basic forms, since teaching the 5 styles is prohibited by the “Lo Quai”

Cheung Lei Wu

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