Sir Connor Hearthelm of Lastwall

Sir Connor Hearthelm of Lastwall – Knight of Ozem, HorseMaster of Vigil, Officer of the Crusader War College of Lastwall at Vigil, Master of the Watch (Cavalry)


Sir Connor Hearthelm of LastwallKnight of Vigil (Ozem), HorseMaster of Vigil, Officer of the Crusader War College of Lastwall at Vigil, Master of the Watch (Cavalry)

A battle-worn knight and peerless horseman. A tactician and strategist of international caliber and a breeder and trainer of the finest horses. Sir Connor is the absolute commander of all of House Ravenlocke’s mounted men-at-arms and the Duke’s most relied upon strategist in times of war.

Sir Hearthelm is a graying but robust old warrior. A sentinel of the old ways and a seemingly endless fountain of military history and classical strategy. He tends to dress in the mode of the Knights of Lastwall and is rarely seen without a heraldic surcoat or tabard. The last advisor of Duke Victor’s ( Kaston’s Father) coterie, he is the voice of experience and wisdom in the Duke’s inner court. His quaintly out-of-date walrus mustache is sometimes taken on by the younger horsemen of the duke as part of a ‘secret-club’ of loyalist soldiers who look to honor the old-timer.


Sir Connor is a true blooded Knight of Ozem. Raised in the oldest tradition of Knight-Protectors and Knights-Vigilant of ancient LastWall. He is every bit a man of a bygone time. Clinging to the old ways and the old days, remembering the grand charge placed upon the victors of the war against Tar-Baphon. His entire life has been spent, dreaming of, training for and excelling at being a Knight of Ozem and he has conducted himself most honorably throughout his days. While still an astounding foe when astride one of his mighty War-Horses. At 60 his age catches up to him somewhat on foot. Thought he is still a match for any 5 men, he was once a match for any 8 or 10.

He came into the service of Duke Victor Ravenlocke after retiring from active patrol and duty to accept an officership at the Crusader War College at Vigil. a Decade of beating courage, honor, tactics, strategy and duty into the heads of a new generation had him chomping at the bit for adventure and glory again. It wasn’t hard for the Duke to convince him to join his renowned house who reputation for derring-do and outrageous exploits were well known throughout the Crusade-lands in the north of Avistan.

Position and Relevance:

Connor Hearthelm is the master and commander of all of the Duke’s Horsemen. The breeder and husband of the Duke’s stables and horselands and the trainer of any mounted warrior in the service of the Duke. If you want to ride anything from a Gryphon to a Seahorse, there is no better teacher than the Knight of Lastwall. if you need a horse that can run farther, jump higher and sprint faster than your enemy’s, only Sir Connor’s will do outside of the legendary stables of Lastwall.

Sir Connor Hearthelm of Lastwall

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