Gavrus Firth

Gavrus Firth, High Justicar of the Tides of Eternity


Gavrus is a strongly build, ruggedly handsome human male. He stands 5’11” and dresses in heavy leathers; studded leather bracers, a thick coat, and breeches with boots that have clearly seen many a road. What skin shows is pale from lack of sun exposure; a black sweatband covers his head but what little hair shows is short cut and salt and pepper gray, especially at the temples. However his face suggests an age of maybe 35. His eyes are an intense blue and a well-groomed patch of short stubble adorns his chin. His only visible weapons are a large blunderbuss that sits across his back, intricately carved out of dark walnut and silver tinted components; symbols and teachings of the Church of Pharasma, and a silver hilted dagger visibly sheathed in front of his open coat. A pair of revolvers also sit comfortably at his waist, in easy reach.


“Narhowen Thos, Necromancer of the Ebon Hand, under the gaze of the Lady of Graves, I find you guilty of crimes against existence itself. Blessed Pharasma will hear your plea personally. Unfortunately it will not be a painless procedure.”

~ Gavrus Firth, High Justicar of the Tides of Eternity

Gavrus Firth is an Inquisitor for the Clergy of Pharasma, striving to root out conspiracy within her order while working towards her ideals, holding them in the highest regard. Pharasma’s clergy was once somewhat lax when it comes to such rigorous pursuits as rooting out heresy within its own ranks because they embrace so many philosophical branches. However they can all agree on the notion that the unliving are an abomination; they and those who raise them must be expunged whenever possible. At a young age, Gavrus’ village was razed to the ground by a powerful wizard seeking raw materials in a bid for expansion of lands surrounding his tower. The local authorities in conjuction with a band of adventurers managed to stop the wizard’s bid for power, but not before Gavrus witnessed the horror of his family dying under conjured poison clouds, and then reanimated into flesh-hungry automatons.

For years Gavrus survived picking up work in various villages in the area and nursing a bitter hatred of arcanist and magic until a wandering monk of Pharasma happened upon him on a lonely road through Ustalav. The meeting was a pivotal point in Gavrus’ life, for he had never given the gods much thought or concern, as they seemed aloof and ignorant of mortal affairs. It turned out that the monk was with that band of adventurers who slew the monsters that haunted Gavrus’ past and he recognized the young adult for the child he once was. Over the course of a year, the monk dispelled many of Gavrus’ notions about sorcery and as their friendship grew, formally recommended him to become a member of the Tides of Eternity, an order dedicated to studying Pharasma’s prophecies as they are revealed and unfold. A century ago, Pharasma’s chuch had no formal branches; merely a hierarch based on merit and the Goddess’s will. However, currently it is believed the death of Aroden, no minor being, was such an unforseen surprise precisely because some of Pharasma’s own chose to obfuscate the truth for their own ends. And so the Tides of Eternity were formed in the wake of the chaos that ensued, its members self-appointed, to ensure that all branches of the church are united, lest secrecy schism Pharasma’s crumbling order once again.

Having seen humanity at its darkest, Gavrus strives to uphold order and law for the sake of civilization and humanity, but not because Law is the ideal. Corruption can be found in the echelons of chaotic and lawful organizations alike; however Law tends best to serve the needs of the greater Good. But Gavrus will sidestep Law in order to uphold the notion of the Greater Good when necessary.

Pages from the Journal of Gavrus Firth

The hardest thing about being a servant of the Lady is KNOWING that you’re a servant of the Lady. That without belief, without FAITH...You have nothing but weak flesh and misty ideas. Faith in an ideal…In a purpose…In a god or goddess or deva or devil. Faith is the driving force behind the actions of individuals, communities, nations, and deities. As a priest of the Goddess of Prophecy, I feel it with a rare clarity that only a fellow ecclesiastic can know. I KNOW that faith is a physical – nay, cosmological force in this multiverse. Yet, for so powerful a force, it can waver like a blade of grass in a gale, no matter how staunch we pretend to be.

While doing Pharasma’s will, I had the toughest challenge of my life today and witnessed brave companions fall under the gruesome talons of abominations for the second time in my life. And once again, I was powerless to prevent it. My weapons failed me, my blessings faltered, and my flesh yielded. Yet I persevere. Faith guides these hands, these guns, this pen. Faith.

Gavrus Firth

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