Master Jherek Carnelian of Daggermark

Master Jherek Carnelian of Daggermark, Expatriate of the River Kingdoms


A grizzled veteran of the deadliest war in Avistan, The Mendevian Crusade, and a master killer. Jherek Carnelian is a man in his late 30’s with the confident step of a battle-hardened warrior and the canny mannerisms of a professional assassin.


Of the past of Master Carnelian, it is known that he spent some time as a Low Templar by his retention of their style of dress and his own occasional admission. His use of unmistakable slang and his accent also mark him as a man of the River Kingdoms while his natural talent for intrigue narrow him down as an infamous son of the city of Daggermark.

The River Kingdoms are where desperate men go to escape their pasts and carve out new lives. Robbery and murder are common on every road and river in the River Kingdoms, and small mercenary companies fight in the spring and summer for ownership of each hamlet and bridge.

War is the constant here—anything that cannot be defended is seized by the strong. Those who hide here and bide their time to grow strong include hardened criminals, slavers, necromancers, vicious princelings who lost a succession struggle, exiled nobles, firebrands, and religious zealots—anyone most people would rather not have as neighbors.

With almost 30,000 inhabitants and an assassin’s guild that keeps bandits and troublemakers at arm’s length, Daggermark is large enough to have a substantial amount of crops and livestock, forges turning out arms and armor, and even its own coinage (the gold piece is called simply the “mark”). Most of all, though, Daggermark attracts applicants to its schools for poisoners and assassins. Those who learn these trades in Daggermark are feared throughout Golarion. The sign of the Daggermark assassin’s guild is typically death by untraceable poison, unmarked strangulation, or a simple fall—the guild considers it the mark of an amateur to kill a chosen target in an obviously murderous fashion with blades or other weapons. The current head of the guild is Lady Smilos, whose assassinations included the use of magical poisons, curses, and fatal misadventure through monstrous encounters. There are considerable rumours that Master Carnelian and she were at one point closely allied and even a couple. That was in the past however and today Her equal partner in the poisoner’s guild is the elven druid and herbalist Tragshi, a golden-skinned maiden from the east with a lilting voice and strange notions of what constitutes the worship of nature. She is always accompanied by a dozen venomous snakes, which slither beneath her robes disconcertingly.

Despite these low beginnings and questionalbe associations, Jherek is a man with an unshakable core of decency and honor. A master assassin who takes lives in the service of the greater good and for the betterment of justice. he is truly a follower of the Six River Freedoms.

Posisiton and Relevance

Master Carnelian is the Master of Assassins for House Ravenlocke. The spies, assassins and to some degree the Dread Commandos answer to him and are given their tasks by him and his second Lem El Set.

Master Jherek Carnelian of Daggermark

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