DECEASED - Lo-Kag The Fearless

Lo-Kag The Fearless Of The Ogolakanu Tribe


One of the rare Goliaths of the distant mountains. Lo-Kag stands about 7’-4” and 315 pounds. He wears his armor with pride. He strides into battle with a roar wielding an impressive Goliath Greathammer. When not in the throes of battle, he prays and contemplates his past victories and losses. He does not speak much of his family but will tell stories of glory, mostly his.


Only son of Keothi The Rootsmasher and Gae-Al The Skywatcher, Lo-Kag spent the earliest years of his life with The Ogolakanu Tribe. His father was a fierce warrior. known for his prowess with The Goliath Greathammer. His mother was a devout Cleric of Kavaki. The tribe was captured and enslaved by agents of House Vorstagg Of Cheliax. At 7 years old, he was seperated from his family and put to labor in the mines where he grew strong and tough. There, he befriended a dwarf, Norel, who was forced into servitude by his captors for his knowledge of metals and stone. Norel was also a skilled warrior and told Lo-Kag of his days wielding a Great Dwarven Hammer in the name of Gorum and smashing his foes. Lo-Kag learned quickly. By the age of 12, he was the last of his tribe in the mines. It was then when The Great Battle Of The Fourth Mendevian Crusades came upon them. Lord-Priest Vigo Von Homburg Deutschendorf found and freed Lo-Kag and took him into his service.

DECEASED - Lo-Kag The Fearless

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