Lord Byron Korvos of Brevoy

Lord Byron Korvos of Brevoy, Lord of Rostland, Aldori Swordlord


Lord Byron Korvos of Brevoy, Lord of Rostland, Aldori Swordlord Master at Arms for House Ravenlock. Lord Kortos has every appearance of being a human of about 40 to 45 years. He dresses in what most consider a flamboyant style that is common to the adherents of the Aldori Swordpact. He wears his gray hair cropped short in a Roman Centurian style and is never without his Aldori Dueling Sword “The Silver Tempest” even when sleeping. he commonly favors the color white in his garments.


215 years ago, Lord Korvos, a hereditary aristocrat of Rostland became a swordlord during the Aldori dominance of Skywatch. High in the mountains along the eastern border of Brevoy is the city of Skywatch. This city is built around a massive observatory that predates any known settlement in the region. Despite its age, the observatory is perfectly preserved and maintained by powerful magic. Exactly who built the observatory, and why, is unknown, although the building is clearly meant to accommodate beings much larger than humans. In the early days of Issia, the Surtovas established a small outpost adjacent to the observatory to study it. The Aldori captured and fortified this outpost during one of the long wars between Issia and Rostland. After Choral conquered the rest of Rostland, Skywatch remained the seat of independent Aldori power for a few years, before the conqueror and his dragons burned the fortress to the ground.

After the razing of Skywatch Lord Korvos again resurfaced in Mivon, the home of Aldori Swordlords who fled Rostland in the era of Choral the Conqueror. Situated in the depths of the rough and tumble River Kingdoms, candidates from Riddleport to Kortos come to become swordlords, but they must prove themselves in duels against increasingly difficult odds. Beyond this, Mivon is home to a thriving industry in eels and fish harvested from the marshy ponds all around the city.

In Mivon, Kortos met and allied with Master Jherek Carnelian of Daggermark, a consummate spy and agent provocateur. After the two of them became a professional duo they were taken into the service of the famed Knight Errant, Duke Kaston Ravenlocke after a storied incident in which their true nobility and honor were sorely tested alongside the Duke. Despite their unusual pasts, both have the absolute confidence of the Duke.

Position and Relevance

Lord Byron Korvos is the acting Master at Arms for House Ravenlocke. The nominal head of all weapons-trainers in the House. He also has the duties of overseeing the house Forges and Smiths and by extension, the enchanting of magic weapons. As such using the house Mages (Thad, His rother and their apprentice) and applying enhancements with house resources must have his approval beforehand, especially of the materials for the enchantment are expensive. He is also the Taskmaster for all Fighter and related Class training in the house. He is capable of training warriors up to thier 20th level of proficiency.

Lord Byron Korvos of Brevoy

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