Master Rennes L’Gervardain of Isarn in Galt

Master Rennes L’Gervardain of Isarn in Galt, Exiled Aristocrat of rumored peerage.


Master Rennes L’Gervardain of Isarn in Galt. A shrewd political tactician and philosopher who somehow manages to keep an idealistic core while thinking like a most jaded cynic. A sage in his late fifties given to grim-faced calculating and bouts of deep contemplation.


Rennes is a Galtan scholar old enough to remember the glory of Galt before the madness of the Red Revolution. Trained at the finest universities of Isarn he is a political manipulator of great acumen and skill. His brilliance keeps House Ravenlocke at the forefront of popularity in Andoran politics and has quickly made it a recognized voice in the politics of Absalom. He is a gray haired man in his mid 60’s though fit and energetic. He has an almost fanatical hate for House Vorstagg and plots endlessly to ruin them socially or politically though the greater caution and finer deed of House Ravenlocke. He is absolutely loyal to the Duke and all that he stands for and devotes great energy to spreading his fame and renown as wide as he can.

He is in fact, among the last descendants of the true Kings of Galt before the even-tongued conquest and longs for a day when sanity returns to his homeland. He grooms his sons as aristocrats of excellence and virtue in the hope that his bloodline will one-day return to power after the madness of the Red Revolution is ended.


Intelligent, educated, urbane, sophisticated in speech and action. A clever thinker and shrewd treasurer. He favors fine clothing and badges of office. He never appears publically without being properly groomed and attired. He expects respect and he gives it where due. He will afford any man the regard that he has earned and not a bit more than that. Succeed and he will back you, fail and he will be more circumspect in his support. He came to his expertise in the nation of Galt (a Pathfinder Campaign Setting equivalent of Revolutionary France in the Age of Terror) and possesses fierce cunning and courage. He is said to be impervious to intimidation. And being backed by the Duke personally, he has good reason to be. The man who lays a hand on Master L’Gervardain WILL face challenge or duel from the Duke ( a warrior of 20th level) Despite this position of power he is not a man given to vanity, vice or corruption. He cannot be flattered, tempted or bribed and takes the execution of his duties as a point of honor for himself, his family name and as a representative of his beloved Galt. He will never willingly or knowingly do anything to besmirch the reputation of any of these.

Position and Relevance Master L’Gervardain is the Chamberlain of House Ravenlocke. The exchequer of the treasury and otherwise holder of all House purse-strings. Any expenditure of resources or money of the house goes through him. As such, he is functionally quite powerful in influence and commands significant respect. Characters wishing to requisition house equipment or services would do well to remain in his good favor. The Duke trusts him implicitly almost invariably sides with the Master on any question of assigning House resources.

Master Rennes L’Gervardain of Isarn in Galt

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