Lem El' Set

Lem El' Set of Tien Xia, SpyMaster of House Ravenlocke


Lem El’ Set (Setimose ‘Al Lem) cuts an unimposing figure. For the most part, he looks every bit the rakish troublemaker he is. Dirty blonde hair, which resembles a poorly kept mop set against a lithe frame which is almost always clothed in flowing and ostentatious garments. Particularly fond of golds, reds, yellows, and oranges; the clothes are designed to draw focus away from the blaring oddity which is his eyes. An ever-shifting sea of orange, specked with swirling red motes (almost always the same, will not often alter eyes), they will almost always enrapture someone un-accustomed to him. Just as likely to save the life of an man from bandits; he spends his time gambling, wining, dining, womanizing, and just generally enjoying what he believes to be the ’finer things in life’.


Born in the far-away land of Tian Xia

Orphaned and left while just barely a newborn, he was adopted by the Koga ninja clan and later rose to the position of spymaster of House Ravenlocke at 17, a position for which he was groomed since his adopted birth. Few would suspect the seemingly genteel Lem would be a half-demon killer; little more than a tool to be used until broken and discarded. A lot with which he has made peace. But who knows what the future might bring…

Lem El' Set

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