Lord Captain Xavion Chrysylophax-Imperial Citizen of Molthune

Lord Captain Xavion Chrysylophax-Imperial Citizen of Molthune, Retired Lord Captain of Cannorate, Master of the Watch (Infantry)


Lord Captain Xavion Chrysylophax, Commander of the House Guard is a veteran’s veteran. A professional soldier from the instant he awakes in the morning to the moment he beds down for the night. Discipline, courage, honor, these are the words by which the Lord Captain directs every action he takes. A man of impressive physical stature and a natural commander, this Imperial Citizen of Molthune and retired Lord Captain of Cannorate directs all military activities pertaining to House Ravenlocke’s army of footmen, rangers and non-mounted field-combatants of any kind.


Serving in the Imperial Citizen of Molthune, Retired Lord Captain of Cannorate, Master of the Watch (Infantry)

Most residents of Molthune fall into one of two distinct groups: city dwellers and laborers. The city dwellers, almost all of whom live in Eranmas or Canorate, are considered “Imperial Citizens.” Citizens may participate in local governance and foreign trade and move freely about the country. Xavion Chrysylophax, born in Cannorate, the son of a career colonel and heiress of a wealthy trade family. Eager to follow in his father’s footsteps, Xavion sought military training as early as his mother would allow and has never looked back since. Every inch a career soldier, he rose through the ranks through sheer martial and tactical brilliance with remarkable speed and determination, excelling at every challenge presented him with exemplary strategy and skill. He quickly became a commander beloved by his soldiers and ascended to the ranks of the Lord Captains and was fully expected to become a Lord General.

He had other plans however. When Imperial Governor Markwin Teldas proclaimed that any laborer can become a Citizen by serving in the armies of Molthune for a 5-year period, this decision enjoyed strong popularity with the working masses, but the elite considered it an abomination. This break from tradition and the lack of discipline it introduced to the Molthuni army led the prestigious Captain to seek another, more manageable force to command and Duke Ravenlocke, sensing his immense potential, gave him full command and free reign to lead as he saw fit.

Within 5 years, House Ravenlocke fielded one of the most disciplined, fierce and feared armies of footmen in Avistan. The Ravenlocke Standard, when displayed sowed visible fear and dismay in enemy ranks. When the myrmidons of House Ravenlocke charged in the wake of the heavy cavalry led by the Duke and Sir Connor Hearthelm, only the defeated lay in their wake.

Lord Captain Xavion Chrysylophax-Imperial Citizen of Molthune

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