Knight of Vigil

The aptly named Vigil is the seat of the Watcher-Lord. The high spires of Castle Overwatch afford a commanding view of the bloodsoaked westward plains on the Belkzen frontier, as well as the mist-shrouded highlands of Ustalav to the north. Castle Overwatch is the Home of the Knights of Ozem a Chevalier Order of heavy cavalry second to none. These heavily armed and armored warriors keep justice and punish evil with an iron fist. They strive to achieve heroic accomplishments as Knights Errant as often as they stay as regulars in defense of the Castle. The knight-horsemasters of Vigil breed and train the mighty destriers and swift coursers that bear Lastwall’s finest into battle, and the pastures around Vigil are known for the quality of their bloodlines. Vigil also hosts the Crusader War College, the training academy of the Knights of Ozem, where crusader tacticians have worked to best marshal magical and military resources to defeat their numerically superior enemies.

Massed charge (Knight of Ozem feat) You are trained in the legendary methods of Lastwall’s heavy cavalry and can steer your mount with great accuracy, even in tight confines.

Prerequisites: Mounted Combat, Handle Animal 4 ranks, Ride 9 ranks, Lastwall affinity.

Benefit: When mounted on a horse, you and your mount suffer no penalties for squeezing when you share a 10-foot space with another mount and rider with this feat. In addition, you and your mount gain a +2 bonus on opposed bull rush, overrun, and trip checks.

Special: A fighter may gain Massed Charge as one of his fighter bonus feats.

Normal: Horses and other Large mounts occupy a 10 foot square area. For two horses to share that space requires them to squeeze, halving their movement rate and imposing a –4 penalty on attack rolls and to AC.


The Knights of Ozem achieved fame for their role in the Shining Crusade to defeat the Whispering Tyrant, Tar-Baphon. They were led at the time by the (then mortal) Iomedae and held the goddess Arazni as their patron saint.

The Knights summoned Arazni to aid them in the crusade in 3818 AR, only to see her fall at the hands of Tar-Baphon.

Arazni’s corpse was later stolen from the knights by the ghostly Archmage Geb and re-animated as his Harlot Queen, an affront which the knights have never forgiven. Since her death and the ascension of Iomedae, the knights have adopted their former commander as their patron god, one of many orders of knighthood to do so. They call Iomedae the Light of the Sword, referring to her holy symbol of a longsword wreathed in a burst of light.

Arazni (the Red Crusader):

Nearly a thousand years ago, the herald of Aroden was the warrior-demigoddess Arazni, patron saint of Lastwall’s Knights of Ozem and a fierce combatant.

In a great battle against Tar-Baphon, the Whispering Tyrant, the Knights summoned her to champion them. The lich turned out to be far more powerful than any had thought, and when he eventually caught her, he toyed with her for days before snuffing out her life and hurling her broken body into the opposing army.

Demoralized, the Knights entombed her in their citadel.

Decades later, the wizard-king Geb stole her corpse and reanimated her as a lich, seeing her as the only creature worthy of being his bride, and enthroned her in Mechitar, where she has reigned alongside Geb for the last 8 centuries. Now known as the Harlot Queen, she is cut off from her former divine power and cannot hear mortal prayers, though some in Geb pray to her as an intermediary to Urgathoa. With Iomedae taking her place as Aroden’s herald and then ultimately succeeding Aroden himself, there remains very little in modern times to connect the Harlot Queen with her former glory as the Red Crusader, and only the Knights of Ozem still bear a grudge over her ultimate fate

Knight of Vigil

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