Lo Gan

Lo Gan the Drunken Master is a local character of some renown in Absalom. Said to have been a contender for the Challenge of Sky and Heaven from the Monastery of Untwisting Iron. His Drunken Fist Fighting is certainly impressive if distasteful by Avistani sensibility. Lo Gan the Drunken Master

Few fighting styles are as unusual-or as controversial-as drunken boxing. By weaving and staggering about as if inebriated, drunken boxers avoid many blows. Likewise, their stumbling, lurching attacks catch their opponents off-guard. Moreover, when they actually imbibe alcohol, drunken masters can perform truly prodigious feats of strength and bravery.

This ability garners a drunken master Little respect among adherents of other martial ans schools, because drunken boxing exacts a toll on its users. Drunken masters may remain intoxicated for hours after a fight, and they are often found half-asleep in taverns, mumbling incoherently. This flies in the face of other schools’ ascetic principles. Members of rival schools must be wary-they never know when the Tipsy lout at the bar is just a harmless thug, and when he is a nigh·unstoppable drunken master.

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Monks form the backbone of the drunken boxing school A monk loses some face with his original school or monastery for becoming a drunken master, but a brilliant display of drunken fighting can sometimes silence critics in one’s former school. Members of other classes become drunken masters only rarely, although students often tell the tale of a barbarian from the north who became a phenomenal drunken master.

Prospective students are studied at a distance by other drunken masters, then treated to a display of the power of drunken boxing. If the Student expresses enthusiasm for learning the new techniques, a group of drunken masters rakes him or her from tavern to tavern, getting rip-roaring drunk, causing trouble, and passing along the first secrets of the technique. Those who survive the revelry are welcomed as new drunken masters.

NPC drunken masters are often found in taverns and bars. They rarely pick fights there, but are quick to come to the aid ofsomeone over-matched in a tavern brawl. Most keep a low profile, although some are famous—or infamous-for the deeds they have performed while under the influence.

Lo Gan

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