Talmandor The avoral Talmandor is the spiritual patron of Andoran. He is said to speak on behalf of Iomedae, Erastil, and Shelyn. Representing three faiths of the country, his words carry great weight, and his devotion to the widest cause of good is unquestioned. His association with birds of prey and other legends cements his place in the hearts of the populace, and popular histories tell Andorens that Talmandor saw the evil of Cheliax rising, and spoke the words Darl Jubannich wrote in On Government, the tract that set Andoran ablaze with liberty. Though Talmandor is not revered as a deity in his own right, Andorens still set aside a feast day in the avoral’s honor, offer thanks to him, and occasionally pray for his intercession in matters divine and more pressing. A Statue of the Avoral Talmandor

About Talmandor’s Deities:

Iomedae: The church of the Inheritor is one that demands vigilance of its worshipers, and one that calls for the forces of good to stand against the tides of evil that spring from the hearts of the corrupt. Little wonder then that the faith enjoys a strong following in Andoran. Her followers serve eagerly and willingly in the military, and many of them aspire to join the Eagle Knights. Their devotion encourages and inspires their comrades in the military, and thus the Iomedaeans fortify the defenders of Andoran. Groups of the Iomedaean faithful serve as adjuncts to the local militias and help to keep crime rates down. In Almas, a priest of Iomedae serves as a balance between the two powers of Abadar and Erastil, and her voice influences the Council in its choice for Supreme Vicar.

Erastil: As the cities of Andoran expand, the traditional worship of Erastil is slowly disappearing into the woods, hills, and rural corners of the country. Though Erastil is a god of the countryside, hearth, and home, and his worship tends to be focused in the smaller villages, a large and growing faction of his believers are turning away from his older, rustic persona and focusing instead on his promotion of family and the comforts of home. The core of his faith, they argue, is not found in nature, but in the healing bonds of community. This is why his church has such power in Almas, and how they justify remaining in the cities. Urban followers of Erastil plant gardens on rooftops and in parks, teaching self-sufficiency among the city-dwellers. The city faithful carry wooden charms with the god’s symbol instead of bows, and hang antlers or horns above their thresholds to show their faith.

Shelyn: For those who are less martially inclined, and who seek love and beauty in their lives, Shelyn is the obvious choice. She is popular among the fortunate upper class of the Andoren people, who don’t require great struggle in their lives, and thus are free to offer her thanks for the beauty she has provided them, and the blessing and privilege of living in the land of the free. Her followers in Andoran create art for her sake. Common themes are slaves casting off shackles, Chelish nobles amusingly trodden upon by devils, and the songs of a free heart.


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