House Ravenlocke

The River Pirates / Homecoming / The Silent Tide affair

Terror from the Sea

Upon return to the town of Marian Leigh on the banks of the Moldavian River that borders southern Canterwall, Gregor Moldavi, a barge-man, approaches the party as representatives of the Duke. He tells of how he and two other river-plying tradesmen have suffered at the hands of a band of River Pirates who have stolen the harvests that they carry for nearby villages and ranches. These shipments are part of the trade that the Duke collects his taxes from and so by extension, these riverbank scoundrels are also stealing from the Duke’s coffers as well. Naturally our heroes aren’t going to let that sit by and they make plans to accompany the bargeman and ambush the pirates. The plan comes together and they do indeed fall under attack. Their counter-attack is swift and the River Raiders are soon dispatched. Questioning the survivors, they discover that they are in possession of a back of new-minted Chelaxian gold. A suspicious clue when Ravenlocke is constantly under attack by the wily House Vorstagg of Cheliax. The dukes men return to Marian Leigh, turn the captured river-pirates in to the authorities and collect the Widow Anna and her daughter and the new Worg-pup and head for Ardis and the Lightning Rail.

Returning home, our heroes settle back into their daily routines in service of House Ravenlocke. The Duke is pleased with their success and agrees to take the widow and her daughter into his household as servants, under the proviso that they be the wards and responsibility of Fod Dur. He also grants the Worg a place in his kennels so long as he can be kept under control and not endanger the rest of the duke’s hunting dog pack.


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