Eye of Rhynn & Hand of Kwll

*Eye of Rhynn *
Said to be the eye of a lost and forgotten god, the Eye of Rhynn is described as a great jewel, slightly larger than the eye of a human. It is a dark red in color, with small motes or flecks floating one the surface. If placed in an empty eye socket, the Eye will graft itself in place, and can only be removed through some from of surgery.
Once in place, the Eye will look out onto a dark and dismal vista. This world (which is not our own) consists of a bleak and featureless landscape, over which hangs a black sun. This will persist as long as the Eye is uncovered, causing all sorts of possible vision problems. If kept covered (by an eye patch for example) then the image is dispelled.

By itself, the Eye is virtually useless. When combined with the Hand of Kwll, however, its true power becomes known.

*Hand of Kwll *
he Hand of Kwll appears as a six-fingered glove set with various gems and jewels. The fingers are long, and end with sharp nails. If attached to the stump of an arm, it will bond itself permanently in place.
The Hand has a number of powers, including great physical strength, as well as the ability to batter down opponents and obstacles, and with the fingers extended, serve as a dagger of sorts. However, the Hand’s powers are very fickle and not wholly subject to the possessor’s desires. At times, it will function contrary to a possessor’s wishes, or won’t function at all. Usually, the Hand’s actions are in the possessor’s best interests, although this may not be apparent at the time. Together, the Hand and Eye are capable of detecting dangers the possessor cannot sense and will act to protect him from these dangers.

Used together, the Hand and Eye’s greatest power is the ability to summon aid from another world. When viewed with the Eye, this world appears as a bleak wilderness over which hangs a black sun. The inhabitants of this world are very strange indeed. They are the corpses of the things killed by the last creatures to inhabit the world. Using the Eye, a person can look into this world. Extending the Hand, and offering the creatures “prizes,” one can bring forth creatures to fight for him. What ever the current crop of summoned creatures kills will then go to the other world, to then be brought forth by the possessor of the Hand and the Eye when needed.

Eye of Rhynn & Hand of Kwll

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